A Golden Opportunity


«Scene: Greenguard Forest»

Hero: Ahh! Finally! I have some time to myself!
Hero: The attacks have stopped for now.
Hero: The towns and people are safe.
Hero: And no world ending events are happening at this very second that need my attention.

«Hero looks around»

Hero: Nope! Everything looks good!
Hero: All I need to do now is just lay down!

«A chunk of ice grows over the Hero and then disappears, taking the Hero with it»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the Plane of Ice»

Hero: For the Love of the Avatars!!! Why can't I lay down for just two seconds!
Hero: You know what!? I don't even care where I am! I'm laying down anyway!

«The Hero lays down on a spike of ice»

???: <Hero>? What are you doing?

«Screen zooms out to show Abel»

Hero: Abel! What are you doing here?

Abel: I'm not sure… I don't even know where "here" is.

Hero: Me either. I was just swallowed by some ice and now I'm here.

Abel: Same thing happened to me!
Abel: I think we might be in the Plane of Ice. I've seen drawings of it in my studies…

Hero: Huh. I've never actually heard of any human coming here before.
Hero: How could there be drawings?

Abel: I… I don't know. But I must have seen them somewhere. This is all so familiar.

Hero: The Plane of Ice, eh? Huh.
Hero: This could be a golden opportunity!

Abel: What do you mean?

Hero: Think about it! This is where Kyanos lives.
Hero: If we can find him, we can get the answers to so many of our questions…
Hero: …questions about the Ice Titan, and the Champion of Ice. We still don't know who it is!

Abel: Find and question Kyanos…?
Abel: But he is the Avatar of Ice! We can't do that! It's not our place.

Hero: Pshh! It'll be fine! What's the worst that can happen?
Hero: Besides, if we find the Champion, we'll have gained an important ally in the war against the Queen of Monsters.

«Screen flashes»

???: Kyanos can, indeed, answer those questions, and more.

«Screen moves to the left to show another person standing next to the Hero and Abel»

???: But the journey to find him will be long, and it will test your abilities to their limits.

Hero: Whoa. Who are you?

Glace: Hello, Abel. Time Dragon. Welcome to the Elemental Plane of Ice. I am Glace, First Elemental Champion of Ice.

Abel: You're Glace?! You are as beautiful as my people imagine you are! You are a legend back in Cryostorm!

Glace: *giggles* Why, thank you. But unfortunately, flattery will not get you far in your coming journey
Glace: However, if you do decide to undergo this arduous trial, I will gladly guide you along the way.

Abel: Thank you. If I have your blessing, then I will seek out Kyranos.
Abel: I know we were brought here for a reason, and I am determined to find out what!

«Scene fades»

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