A Gift


«Scene: the Hero and Yulgar in the attic of the Inn»

Yulgar: We're stocked up on supplies, and with the Shadowflame Bruiser gone, I think the Shadowlord's minions have retreated.
Yulgar: That should keep us safe… at least for now.

«The corrupted trainers appear in the attic»

Yulgar: No! They followed you back!

Metrea: You've been a hard one to find.

Arcana: But when we saw <Hero> wandering the streets.

Juvania: …all we had to do was watch from a distance and wait for <him/her> to go to you.

Hero: Hey, I know you! You're… the Battleon trainers!?
Hero: Man, I have never felt so betrayed!

Yulgar: It's not their fault. The Shadowflame corruption… it's hard to fight.
Yulgar: It's why we've been hiding.

«Hero readies weapon»

Hero: Don't worry. I won't let them hurt you!

Metrea: Hurt him?

Arcana: No, no. We just want to give him a present.

Juvania: Here… catch.

«Juvania tosses a gray orb to Yulgar»

Metrea: A gift from the Shadowlord.

Arcana: Concentrated Shadowflame.

Yulgar: Niknak! Everyone! Get out of here!

«Yulgar looks at his reflection in the orb, which fades to a black silhouette and grows red eyes»

Juvania: With you on OUR side… what will become of your resistance now?

«Scene fades»

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