A FISH?! (Cutscene)



«Scene: Hero, Eros, Sora to Hoshi, Beleen, Warlic and Twig on Screen 1 of Love Spell»
«Eros holding a potion»

Sora to Hoshi: You really think this will work?

Eros: Of course it will! It's right here in the book: "This potion will make you the object of your target's desire."

«Scene fades»
«Scene: A screen is split with a close up of Sora on the left and a close up of Warlic on the right»
«Sora picks up the potion Eros was holding earlier»

Sora to Hoshi: Well… here goes…

Twig: Hey! Whatcha got?

«Twig pulls Sora by her dress and Sora drops the potion»

Sora to Hoshi: Oops…

«Scene: Twig is covered in pink liquid that was inside the potion»

Twig: You got me all WETS!

Beleen: OMG, Sora! You're… you're…

«Sora turns into a fish»

Sora to Hoshi: A FISH!?

Hero: Well, looks like the potion worked. It turned you into the object of Twig's desire.
Hero: …I guess.

Sora to Hoshi: Oh no! This isn't what I wanted at all!

«Pink fog appears around Twig»

Hero: Oh, look. I think it's spreading.

Beleen: But I don't understand! What HAPPEND?

Eros: Fish must be very close to this young man's heart.

«Twig looks up»

Twig: And ice cweam.

Beleen: We've gotta fix this, fast! Before it infects EVERYONE!

Eros: Absolutely. I take full responsibility for this mess.
Eros: Believe me, this time I'm going to give you exactly what you want.

«Scene fades»

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