A Fine Find


«Scene: Stryche stands in a storage room with Sneevil running around on the floor»

Stryche: Ok, ok… bank pets go over there, to the left…
Stryche: No! Your OTHER left!


Stryche: …and there went the house statues.

«Kityana pops out from behind a stack of boxes»

Kityana: It IS nice that we're finally opening our own store here in Battleon, though!

Stryche: Yeah, sure, I just… really should have hired some taller helpers.
Stryche: Why did I ever think Sneevils were a good idea?

«A Sneevil worker appears holding a piece of paper>

Sneevil Worker: Hey, boss! Look at this thing I found!

«Stryche holds a piece of paper»

Stryche: Huh. Where'd this come from?

Sneevil Worker: I dunno, it was in one of the boxes as packing material.
Sneevil Worker: What IS it, anyway?

Stryche: It seems to be describing some kind of magical artifact… a very powerful one.
Stryche: "The Sanguine Garnet."
Stryche: Looks like it's rumored to be kept in a vampire's castle.

Sneevil Worker: Oh, boy! Are we gonna go huntin' for it?

Stryche: Don't be silly. We have a store to run.
Stryche: …but I know someone who COULD.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Valencia stands in the storage room, holding the piece of paper»

Stryche: So, what do you think?

Valencia: Looks legit.
Valencia: This name on here, Scarletta? I've heard it before.
Valencia: She has amassed a LOT of information about cursed and enchanted artifacts.
Valencia: In treasure hunting circles, her name carries a lot of weight…
Valencia: Everything she's written about these objects has turned out to be shockingly accurate.
Valencia: And this one… it says it stores memories.
Valencia: I can see how that would be useful to a vampire…
Valencia: After living for thousands of years, they must forget so much.
Valenica: I could get a lot of gold for this!

Kityana: So, what do you say… 50% finder's fee?

Valencia: Ha! Don't push your luck.
Valencia: But I'll gladly give you the usual 40.

Kityana: Deal! And remember, if you find any other nice-looking weapons or armor…

Valencia: It's yours!

«Scene fades»

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