A Fiery Alliance


«Scene: Dark Screen with Text»

Malgor: Tell me…
Malgor: Have you ever known peace?

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Embersea»

Malgor: You were raised in a harsh land, whose culture was shaped and defined by war.
Malgor: You rose through the ranks, earned the respect of your men, becoming their leader.
Malgor: You sought the power required to pull your people out of the ashes and rise to their former glory as conquerors.
Malgor: You wanted to provide for them…

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Queen of Monsters is shown in screen»

Malgor: So much so that you made a deal with the Queen of Monsters.
Malgor: With that power, you brought your oppressors to their knees.

«Phedra is shown»

Malgor: You raised the Fire Titan, enhancing your power further.
Malgor: You gave your people everything you promised them.
Malgor: And what did you get in return?
Malgor: What was your reward?

«Scene: Hero and Ultra Tyndarius beside each other»

Malgor: A Hero came along…
Malgor: Stripped you of your power.
Malgor: Turned your men against you.
Malgor: Exiled you from your home.
Malgor: And now here you are…

«Scene: Dark Screen with Text»

Malgor: Alone.

«Scene: Icestormarena»

Malgor: Forced to watch as King Rimescar marched his troops on your soil…
Malgor: And terraformed your home into a barren, frozen wasteland.
Malgor: Forced to watch your troops, your people seek refuge in foreign lands.
Malgor: You have been left behind…
Malgor: With no lands, no people, and no power…

«Scene: Fire Plane Invasion»

Malgor: So Tyndarius, Warlord of the Embersea…
Malgor: I've come with an offer…

Tyndarius: What? Vengeance?
Tyndarius: Forget it. I'm not interested.

Malgor: Oh, I come offering more than something as easily obtained as vengeance.
Malgor: You see, I know what it is like to be stripped of power and home.
Malgor: Vengeance doesn't fill the void that leaves behind.
Malgor: No, I come offering you something only I can.
Malgor: Something that not even the former Queen of Monsters could have given you.
Malgor: Godhood.

«Scene: Dark Screen with Text»

Can people ever warn me before teleporting me places! What if I was bathing?!

«Scene: Fire Plane Invasion»

Hero: Galanoth?! You're here too?!
Hero: Are you the one who summoned me here?

Galanoth: No, I arrived here just before you.
Galanoth: Wherever "here" is…

???: Good, you are both here.

Hero: What?! Who is that? Why are you in my head?

Galanoth: You hear it too?

???: I am speaking to you both from deep inside the Fire Plane, where I have summoned you both.

Hero: Who are you?

???: Do you not recognize my voice from our first meeting?


Fiamme: I am Fiamme, Avatar of Fire.

Galanoth: So this is the Plane of Fire?

Fiamme: Correct.

Galanoth: And why have you brought us here?

Fiamme: Malgor.

Hero: Wait, Malgor is here?!
Hero: How is that possible?

Fiamme: What you see before you is a portal that Malgor created to reach this Plane.
Fiamme: I have used it to bring both of you here as well.
Fiamme: I don't know what he seeks here, but he and his army are making their way to me as we speak.
Fiamme: You must stop them before they reach me.

Hero: Aren't you an Avatar? Can't you just destroy them with Fire or something?

Fiamme: I've tried, but there is something off about Malgor and his troops.
Fiamme: His troops aren't immune to my flames, but they are highly resistant.
Fiamme: And Malgor… It's like he's immune.
Fiamme: I have tried to reach out to them out to the Mana that resides in them…
Fiamme: But I can't reach them. There is Corruption preventing my touch from affecting them.
Fiamme: Instead of Mana calling back, this Corruption screams and wails, drowning me out.
Fiamme: It fills them with sorrow and rage. Making them stronger and resilient.
Fiamme: So strong that this Plane should have killed them several times over. Yet they march onward unphased.
Fiamme: And Malgor is overflowing with it.

Hero: I didn't realize Malgor was THAT strong. But it does explain some things that didn't really make sense to me.

Fiamme: We cannot chat any longer. Malgor is halfway to me already, You *must* stop him!

Hero: Looks like we have company!
Hero: Wait a minute. These are Firestorm Onslaught soldiers!
Hero: That means…
Hero: Malgor has a new ally…

«Scene: Screen 6 of Fire Plane Invasion»


«Scene fades»

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