A Fated Encounter


«Scene: ??? (Suki) and Darkon»

???: Darkon!
???: Was it you the whole time? Why were you joking about being a creepy nobleman?

Darkon: You already knew my name? But we've never met before.

Suki: Don't you remember? It's me, Suki! We were in the Seraphic Paladins together.
Suki: I thought they were a force for good but they changed.
Suki: Or well, you were the one who told they've always had dark secrets.
Suki: C'mon, I wouldn't have gone solo as a mercenary until you gave me advice.
Suki: But boy, I really missed you! I'm so glad I ran into you again.

Darkon: I can't say I have any recollection of that.
Darkon: I was born in Astravia, and never have I set foot outside its borders.

Suki: But the red hair, your face…I guess it's a little different from what I remember.
Suki: And you talk too fancy.

Darkon: Oh! Is that so? My apologies if it seemed I was looking down on you.

Suki: I'm just teasing. No need to get cute like that.

Darkon: Eh-ehem! Odd that your friend had the same name as me.
Darkon: I suppose Lore is a big place. Everyone must have a doppel or two.

Suki: Then you really aren't the Darkon I knew.
Suki: Well, I can't stay angry at that face. Let's go to Eridani and see if you were telling the truth.
Suki: I want to look into these bandits more. Based on what I found here, they're answering to a higher power.
Suki: Starting from Eridani with a local on my side could actually get me somewhere this time.

Darkon: Certainly! I wish to get to the bottom of the matter as well.
Darkon: And perhaps, would you tell me about these Seraphic Paladins on our stroll back?

Darkon: I'm quite curious.

«Scene fades»

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