A DragonSlayer's Aid


«Scene: Dragonplane.»

X'dir: Master? You mean—

Desoloth: One weak pillar, properly shoved, can topple a building.
Desoloth: Look how well you did with the Hero.

«Scene: Air Storm.»

As'iiur: It is as you would say, my Lost Lord. Your children will be saved, no matter the cost.
As'iiur: I will defend them from ALL harm!

«Scene: Fire Storm.»

As'iiur: You must come to my home, <Hero>. And you, DragonSlayer. Your services are needed there, both of you.

Hero: Warlic? Does Air hold any interest for you?

Warlic: Always, my friend. But I think I must gain a deeper understanding of the Fire disturbance first. I will meet you there afterwards.

«The Hero and Galanoth approach As'iiur.»

As'iiur: You see, my friends, how the Air fights with itself and Water? The fog is thick and will obscure much of my home.
As'iiur: Desoloth's reach spreads far. His power extends beyond Hs'Sakar's Realm and into my own.
As'iiur: Gone are the soft, sweet-scented breezes which would stir the sand and soul. I am… fearful.
As'iiur: I long for what was, and know you will both help us realize what may be!

Galanoth: With Cellot gone, Air battles Earth, yes? This sand is not natural.

As'iiur: You are correct, DragonSlayer. It is my hope that my efforts — and yours — will help us save the Air Realm and its dragons.
As'iiur: I have offered to create a binding spell which should subdue Desoloth.
As'iiur: <Hero>, if you can help acquire the components, I will discuss the proper strength with the DragonSlayer, yes?

Hero: Of course. Leave it to me. I'll bring back whatever it is you need.

Galanoth: If any knows what is required to bring down a Great Wyrm, it is I. Come, Wise One. We will talk.

«Scene fades.»

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