A Deal's a Deal


«Scene: Jinx stands by, holding the portal chakram while the Hero beats up magpies»

Jinx: YES! Oh, my pretty baby, I'm so glad you're back.

Hero: Alright, so… a deal's a deal, right?

Jinx: Hmmm, what?
Jinx: Oh. You want the Eye of Teja back, don't you?

Hero: You're darn right, I do.

Jinx: Alright. Yes, yes. Fine.
Jinx: Just a moment, and I'll get it for you.

«Jinx starts setting down the chakram»

Jinx: I just need to set this down so I can look. Right…

«Jinx activates the chakram»

Jinx: …here.

«Jinx shoves the Hero through the portal»


«The Hero grabs Jinx's leg»

Jinx: Bwaaah!

«Jinx and the Hero fall through the portal together»

«Scene fades»

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