A Dark Shadow


«Scene: Daisho and his army face Jaaku's army»

Emperor Daisho: Jaaku! Face me!
Emperor Daisho: You hide behind your men like a coward, letting them fight for you while you remain safe.
Emperor Daisho: Show them you are a leader worthy of their sacrifice!

«Jaaku appears out his army»

Jaaku: Calm yourself, Daisho.
Jaaku: I have nothing to fear, so why should I hide?

«Scene: Ai no Miko appears next to Daisho»

Ai no Miko: Father, remember what the spirits have been telling me!
Ai no Miko: There is a dark shadow cast over him.

«Scene: back to Jaaku and his army»

Jaaku: You should listen to your daughter, Daisho. She has wisdom that you lack.
Jaaku: There is, indeed, a "dark shadow".

«Orochi rises up from behind Jaaku's army»

Jaaku: And soon it shall be cast over you all.

«Scene fades»

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