A Confession



«Scene: Bob Hatchet and the Hero's group in a snowy wasteland»

Bob Hatchet: Before we go any further, I have a confession to make.

Hero: What… kind of confession?

Bob Hatchet: This fiend we're about to fight… he isn't just ANY evil warlock.
Bob Hatchet: You see, years ago… he was ME.

Cysero: GASP! No!

Bob Hatchet: In the past, I was a powerful wizard, and I used my powers for good.
Bob Hatchet: But I let myself get so immersed in my work, I lost sight of what was truly important.
Bob Hatchet: I neglected my friends… and I forgot what the spirit of Frostval is all about.
Bob Hatchet: They tried to remind me. Tried to drag me away from my work, and bring holiday cheer back into my heart.
Bob Hatchet: But I just got so… so ANGRY.

Warlic: Alright, alright, I GET IT.
Warlic: You think I'm being a killjoy. That I'm turning into a grumpy old wizard who hates Frostval.
Warlic: But guys, COME ON. I'm only getting irritated because everything about this has been so annoying!

Bob Hatchet: Before my cold, dark, evil side split from me and became…

«Scene pans up and to the right to show Wargoth the Frozen»


«Scene: Close up of Warlic»

Warlic: Alright, fine. Let's do this.
Warlic: Let's fight my evil, party pooper half so I can go back home and make it snow.

Everyone: *YAY*

«Scene fades»

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