A Close Call


«Scene: the Hero climbs up the mountain in the rain. The Hero reaches the top, but chaotic lightning strikes the cliff and the Hero loses their grip and slips. However, Madra catches them before they can fall to their deaths.»

Hero: Madra?

Madra: You should never climb alone, hero.

Hero: Thanks for saving my life but what are you doing here?
Hero: Shouldn't you be in Falguard, unifying whats left of your people?

Madra: I'm here for my people.
Madra: Our remaining seer foresaw you falling off this mountain.

Hero: You came to save my life?

«Scene flashes white, showing Madra and the seer holding a crystal ball.»

Seer: The hero will fall to his death when climbing a mountain alone in the rain.

Madra: That sounds about right.

Seer: You should save the hero, Primarch.

Madra: ….
Madra: Remind me why.

«The Seer holds up his ball.»

Madra: Alright, Fine! I'm going. I'm going.

«Scene shifts back to Madra and the Hero.

Madra: You could say that, I guess.
Madra: You still have work to do as the Darkblood's chosen avenger.

«Scene fades to black, fading back in showing the Hero climbing another cliff, peeking their head above the cliff top.»

Hero: What is THAT?

«Scene shifts to show the entrance of The Storm Temple.»

Madra: The Storm Temple.

«Scene fades to black, shifting views back to Madra and the Hero.»

Madra: The seer told me that Drakath will be coming there and Lionfang plans to face him.

Hero: I've got to get the Tears back before he wastes them on Drakath.
Hero: Maybe some of what the seer told you can help us.
Hero: Don't endanger yourself. Stay down here here.
Hero: I'm going the rest of the way alone.

«Scene fades»

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