A Back-Up Plan


«Scene: Sepulchure holds the Doomblade to the throat of General Goldhammer, who is on the ground»

Sepulchure: Did you really expect to win this fight?
Sepulchure: I am the Champion of Darkness. You're just one paladin.

«Scene moves out to show Sigrid Sunshield standing next to the two, holding a scroll»

Sigrid Sunshield: I thought it was be interesting to find out.
Sigrid Sunshield: But no. I didn't expect that he would.
Sigrid Sunshield: And that's why I have a back up plan.

«Sigrid flashes white and Sepulchure is chained up»

Sigrid Sunshield: Not so strong after all, are you?
Sigrid Sunshield: Not against the power of the Champion of Light.

Sepulchure: Lynaria!

Sigrid Sunshield: Yes. These scrolls are her magic.
Sigrid Sunshield: Let's see how well it holds.

Sepulchure: I will break free. You can't hold me here forever.

Sigrid Sunshield: Yes, I'm sure you will.
Sigrid Sunshield: Eventually.
Sigrid Sunshield: But not before we've destroyed your Necromancer friend…

«Scene fades»

Sigrid Sunshield: …and that dragon of yours.

«Scene: Sepulchure chained up»

«The screen turns red and black flames dance across the screen»

Sepulchure: We shall see.

«Scene fades»

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