7. Bad And Good-ish


«Scene: Archmage Brentan in the sky casting a spell»

Archmage Brentan: The spell is almost complete! Just a few moments more…

«Scene: Malgor flying above his dragon form that is covered in shadow flames»

Malgor: You haven't won! All you have done is delay the inevitable!
Malgor: The shadow is infinite! I will-

«Scene: Archmage Brentan in middle of casting his spell»

Archmage Brentan: And… now!
Archmage Brentan: Brace yourselves, everyone!

«Scene: Spell explodes and Malgor, Hero and Xing fall into a rift»

Hero: ohcrapohcrapohcrap

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Hero, Xing, Drakath and Xang in the throne room of Crownsreach»

Drakath: So. You're back, are you?

Xang: Hmph. You LEFT us, Xing. You went to war against us.

Xing: I know! I know. Look, I'm… ugh… I'm sorry, okay?
Xing: I didn't want to just be a minion again. I wanted to be my own person. Make my own choices.
Xing: But… it was a bad one. I'm better when I'm with you, Xang.

Xang: Yeah. And I'm better when I'm with you. I know we were both the "evil" twins, but…

Xing: …I'm chaotic and you're lawful.

Xang: I like to think of myself as good-ish evil!

Xing: But yeah. Something like that.

Drakath: Well. We'll see how this goes. Don't expect me to trust you like I did in the past. Not yet.

Xing: I know.

Drakath: …But I AM glad to have you back.

Xing: This is where I belong. I'm not going to leave you guys again.

Drakath: Well then, <Hero>… it looks like this trio is back together again.

«Scene: Xang, Xing and Drakath hugging each other»

Hero: …Well, that's not concerning.

Drakath: And under my lead… with my full power restored… we will be your strongest allies in this war.

«Scene fades»

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