6th Birthday Intro


  • Artixpointe - Plays when joining the room for the first time
  • Northpointe - Plays when joining the room for the first time

«Artix Entertainment logo, then static white»

Your monitor is made of millions of pixels…
At any moment… a pixel can die…
Die… and become… a Phantom Pixel.

«Screen flashes white then to black screen»

It is AQWorlds' 6th birthday and Artix Entertainment's 12th Anniversary, and the Phan Pixel has cursed 13 treasured items and hidden them across our 7 video games.
Battle through all 7 Artix Entertainment games to finish the scavenger hunt and unlock the ultimate prize in all 7 games…
And prevent the rise of a dark new power in AQWorlds!

«Scene changes, Gravefang howling at a full moon. Then Gravefang directing his undead army»

Kurok Gravefang, a Werepyre Lich seeking the 13th Artifact - Death's Cursed Hourglass - to conquer the lands of the living… and the realm of the dead!

«Change scene to Yurei, a ghost girl, and then to flashes of static white»

«Scene fades»

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