6. The Cavalry


«Scene: Mirror Drakath and Malgor in a battle stance about to fight each other»

Malgor: Give up, Drakath. <Hero> is gone. Your militia is decimated.
Malgor: Hand over the Amulet, and this can all be over.

«Scene: Rift opens right above Mirror Drakath and Malgor»

Mirror Drakath: Is that-

«Scene: All Lords of Order appear from the rift alongside the Hero»

Hero: Heck yeah, it is!

«Scene: Good Xang from the Present and Good Xang from the Past meet each other and start jumping in surprise»

Good Xang: Hey, look! It's me!

(slightly younger) Good Xang: I didn't die!

«Scene: Close up on Mirror Drakath, Hero and Lords of Order»

Mirror Drakath: What was that you were saying, Malgor?

«Scene: Close up on Malgor in his flame of shadows»

Malgor: Raaagh! You think this means anything? You are nothing!

«Scene: Malgor straightens his sword into the sky and his flame of shadows go out of control»

Malgor: My power is infinite… the shadows are everywhere!

«Scene: Close up on Mirror Drakath, Hero and Lords of Order»

Hero: Pff, whatever. As if I haven't beaten you like, a gazillion times.

«Scene: Malgor turns into ShadowFlame Dragon (2)»

Good Xang: How many times have you beaten that?

Hero: Uh oh.

«Scene fades»

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