5. Will You Help?


«Scene: Mirror Khasaanda, Mirror Iadoa, Good Xang and Hero on Screen 1 of Bright Forest Past»

Mirror Khasaanda: I have been meditating on the future.
Mirror Khasaanda: I have seen what will happen… what has happend.
Mirror Khasaanda: Your situation is indeed dire. I understand why Drakath has asked you to find us.

Good Xang: But I don't understand! Why do you need to bring us back from the past?
Good Xang: Aren't we already there fighting?

Mirror Khasaanda: No. We are not.
Mirror Khasaanda: In this future, we… most of us… are already dead.

Good Xang: Oh…

Hero: So… you'll help?

Mirror Iadoa: Yes. We will return with you.

Hero: Thank you. You have no idea how much this means to us all.

Mirror Iadoa: But we do. Khasaanda has seen what has happend… and what is coming.
Mirror Iadoa: Take this Ring of Time. It will help you channel your power more effectively in the future.
Mirror Iadoa: You will need it, hero. And you will most likely need it soon.

«Scene fades»

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