4th Dimensional Pyramid


«Scene: the Reflecteract spins, getting faster and faster until it explodes.»

«The Hero stands in front of the Black Hole Sun.»

Hero: I'd make a joke about punching it's lights out but the GIANT BLACK HOLE SUN hovering above us makes that seem premature.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the blue desert, with an army of inverted soldiers»

Anubyx: If the prophecy is going to be negated, there's only one place left to go, but I cannot help you there.

Hero: Before you were… inverted… you said I was "the only one who could enter --"
Hero: You meant the 4th Dimensional Pyramid, I know. But - WHY?

Anubyx: Ever since the Black Hole Sun appeared… even before the "eclipse" was complete, we ALL felt its pull.
Anubyx: And here, in the dunes, it's even worse.
Anubyx: The closer I move towards it, the more… bent… I feel. As if I'm iron being pulled towards a giant magnet.

Hero: But I don't feel -

«Scene fades»

Anubyx: You aren't affected by it at all. And I have no idea why.

«Scene fades»

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