4. Khasaanda


«Scene: Mirror Khasaanda and Hero on Screen 5 of Bright Forest Past»

Mirror Khasaanda: I knew you would be here, my friend. But I can't help you now. My fight here is not yet over.

Hero: What IS it you're fighting anyway?

Mirror Khasaanda: We protect our world from things like… well, you! Things that would upset the balance.
Mirror Khasaanda: In our world, good and evil never formed an alliance.
Mirror Khasaanda: Instead of joining together against the forces of Chaos, they fought each other.
Mirror Khasaanda: Evil, being what it is, prevailed. Good was on the verge of being wiped out.
Mirror Khasaanda: So Drakath created us, the Lords of Order, to restore the balance.
Mirror Khasaanda: To join in the fight against evil so that both light and darkness might exist in equal strength.

Hero: Let me help you, then.

Mirror Khasaanda: I knew you wouldmake that offer. You are a true hero.
Mirror Khasaanda: Help me save this forest. Once it has been cleansed, I will be able to return with you to Iadoa.

«Scene fades»

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