4 Ever



«Scene: Beleen and Swaggy with the Wheel of Love - in the Backstage cam, there's a pile of brown slimes»

Beleen: Bye bye, Contestant #3!

Swaggy: We're not gonna have to clean that room out, are we?

«Backstage cam switches to the Lonely Lover»

Swaggy: Ha, ha! Well, anyway. We still have two contestants yet.

Beleen: I wonder who's going to make it through the next round? I hope it's not as gross at this one was…

Swaggy: Let's spin the wheel and find out!

«Beleen spins the wheel and it lands on 4-Ever»

Swaggy: Ha ha ha! Oh, this is a fun one.

Beleen: Doesn't it sound romantic?

«Scene: Close up of Beleen»

Beleen: (I designed this one myself!)

«Scene fades»

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