3. Why are you Here?


«Scene: Hero meditating on Screen 1 of Bright Forest Past»

Mirror Iadoa: You're an anomaly… out of time, out of place. You're destabilizing everything by being here.

Hero: I'm sorry. I wouldn't be here if I didn't have to be.
Hero: I've come to bring back the Lords of Order… back to my present. To your future.
Hero: The Mirror Realm is threatened by an army of unimaginable power.
Hero: We can't fight them on our own. Drakath needs his allies… he needs YOU.

Mirror Iadoa: We have not even finished our own fight, and you want us to join yours?

«Scene: Hero stands up»

Hero: Please… the future of both our realms is at stake!

Mirror Iadoa: It always is.
Mirror Iadoa: Let me think on this, hero.
Mirror Iadoa: Begin to repair the damage you have done by coming here. I will give you my answer then.

«Scene fades»

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