3- No - YOU Did!


«Scene: Malgor lifts the Hero using shadowflame»

Malgor: Ha, ha, ha.
Malgor: Not so invincible after all.

«Malgor disappears into the flames, taking the Hero with himself»
«Scene fades»
«Scene: Malgor sits at the throne of the Queen of Monsters»

Malgor: What was that you said again, <Hero>?

«The Hero is shown, trapped in a snare of shadowflame, guarded by two of Malgor's soldiers»

Malgor: You "won't be defeated by a smoking tin can like me?"

Hero: Someday I'll learn to stop being so cocky.

«The full throne room is shown with both Malgor and the Hero.»

Hero: Buuuuut probably not today.
Hero: This is the throne room of the Queen of Monsters. Isn't it?
Hero: Where is she? Hiding behind her new general? Too cowardly to face me herself?

Malgor: That IS pretty cocky, given the position you're currently in.
Malgor: In chains, flanked by my soldiers, and you want to see the Queen of Monsters.

«Close-up of Malgor, a slight pause»

Malgor: Fine.

«Malgor shows the Hero the head of the Queen of Monsters, holding it by her hair»

Malgor: Here's your "Queen"!

Hero: You… you killed her!

Malgor: No - YOU did!

Hero: What?!

«Close-up of the Hero»

Hero: I… I don't understand.

«Back to the full throne room»

Malgor: Ha, ha. No, you wouldn't, would you? You don't remember.

Hero: Should I?

Malgor: No. But don't worry. It will all make sense eventually.

Hero: You… you think I killed your Queen, and now you want to kill ME.
Hero: That's what's going on here, isn't it?

«Close-up of Malgor»

Malgor: She wasn't MY Queen.
Malgor: And I don't want to kill you, <Hero>. I want you on my side.
Malgor: You have the potential to be my biggest threat… or to help me achieve everything I came here to do.

«Back to the throne room»

Hero: You must not know much about me if you think that's ever going to happen.

Malgor: I knew you would refuse… at first.
Malgor: But soon you'll understand. There are worse things than me out there. MUCH worse.

«Close-up of Malgor»

Malgor: And together, we can defeat them.

«Scene fades»

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