2- The Ever-Hopeful


«Scene: The Hero and company approach Malgor»

Malgor: Ah, good. The "heroes" are all here. Swordhaven… Shadowfall…
Malgor: …and, of course, <Hero>.

Hero: I don't know who you are, or what you want from these people.
Hero: But it doesn't matter. These villages are under our protection.
Hero: Whoever you are, this ends NOW.

«A better look of the face-off between the two forces»

Malgor: <Hero>, the ever-hopeful. You've never met a villain you couldn't beat.
Malgor: It's what keeps you going. Isn't it? It's what defines you.

«A shadow comes over Malgor»

Malgor: What happens when you lose all that hope? What will be left of you then?

«The Hero readies their weapon»

Hero: You're trying to psych me out.
Hero: But you can't, because you're wrong. I'll never give up, and I'll never lose hope.

«The Hero takes a stance»

Hero: And I sure as heck won't be defeated by a smoking tin can like YOU.

«Scene fades»

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