2. Meditation


«Scene: Archmage Brentan and Hero on Screen 1 of Bright Forest»

Archmage Brentan: Well? Is it working?

Hero: Whoa… I do feel kinda dizzy.

Archmage Brentan: You're ok. Just keep your focus.

Hero: Man, what did you… do to… me…

Archmage Brentan: Focus on where you need to be. Who you need to find.

«Scene: Varga appears out of nowhere»

Hero: Varga?

Varga: You can do this. The power is within you.

Hero: Are you really here? Or is this just…

«Scene: Varga disappears and the Eternal Dragon of Time appears from inside the Hero»

Eternal Dragon of Time: It is always in you.

«Scene: Eternal Dragon of Time disappears into Hero again»

Hero: …me?

«Scene fades»

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