13th Lord of Chaos


«Hero and Drakath in battle»


Drakath: I warned you. You challenged me too early. Had you defeated the 13th Lord of Chaos you might have actually had a chance of actually winning.
Drakath: Goodbye, <Hero>

«Hero is then presented with three options, that all lead to the same dialog. Good: "*stare* … you promised to reveal the name of the 13 Chaos Lord" Snarky: "*Spits blood* Do you have a change of underpants and the name of the 13th Chaos Lord?" Evil: "*smirk* I will hunt you and whoever this 13th Lord of Chaos is from beyond the grave."»

Drakath: Ahhh, yes. The 13th Lord of Chaos….
Drakath: Destined to lead an all out attack and destroy all of this world's cities…
Drakath: Destined to slay all of the great heroes of the land….
Drakath: Destined to raise their Chaos Beast and illuminate the final rune on the Chaos Portal!


Drakath: What would you say if it was Artix?

Hero: ARTIX?!

Drakath: HAHA… No. How about Dage the Evil!?

Hero: DAGE?!

Drakath: No… no… because I have something far more fun in mind!
Drakath: For the 13TH LORD OF CHAOS…

«Subtitle: "I CHOOSE YOU!!!


«Subtitle: "Choose your from as the 13th Lord of Chaos. (This choice cannot be undone)" Options are: Chaos Lord Warrior, Chaos Lord Mage, Chaos Lord Rogue and Chaos Lord Healer»

«Hero then transforms into a the choice given»

«Header: "<Hero>">

«Sub-Header: "The 13th Lord of Chaos

«Black screen. Text: "CHAOS LORD #13th RULES Starting in the next adventure, you will be the main villain of AdventureQuest Worlds. Your task is to roleplay that you have been completely taken over by Chaos as King Alteon was before you. As the 13th Lord of Chaos you will lead the forces of Chaos (and the other chaos-players who are you minions) into a war to destroy major areas of the world. Whether your character is actually good or evil… play along as chaos for now and enjoy being the villain. You will get a chance to make powerful Good/Evil/Other choices in the end-- We promise."»

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