100 Angry Princesses


«Scene: the Hero stands next to an open cage full of princes»


Prince Honfroi: Mmmm! <3


Prince Honfroi: I'm not sure why you smell like Drakel leather, but…
Prince Honfroi: ..for some reason… I really like you that way!

Hero: Haha! …Ok, then.
Hero: Let's just… get you all out of here.

«Scene: Princes outside of the cage»

Prince Enzio: I knew I picked the right girl!

«Enzio and Cecily hug»

Princess Cecily: I'd never let you down.

«The screen starts shaking»


«The Hero and Galanoth ready themselves for an attack»

«Scene: Lascivia and her draconian guards»

Lascivia: Someone has invaded my home! They're stolen my precious princes from their cages!

Enamored Guard: Don't worry, beloved!

Enamored Guard: They won't get out of here alive!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Cecily, the Hero, Galanoth, and the princes»

Princess Cecily: Uh oh. I think she noticed us!

Hero: We have to get these people to safety!

Galanoth: Go! Now!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the Hero, Galanoth, and some princes standing outside of Lascivia's cave»

Hero: We got a lot of them out, but… this isn't everyone.

Princess Cecily: We'll have to go back in for them.

Prince Enzio: Cecily, no! It's too dangerous!

Princess Cecily: Now that I've gotten what I want, I should just leave everyone else to their fate?
Princess Cecily: No. That isn't who I want to be.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the Hero, Galanoth, and Cecily peek around a pillar»

Princess Cecily: Omigosh!

«Scene: Lascivia's devotees and Lyona are locked in a cage behind her»

Hero: That complicates things.

«Scene: Lascivia's army of Draconians and Drakel guard her»

Galanoth: And we're going to need an army of our own to get through all of that.

«Scene: the pillar the three are hiding behind»

Princess Cecily: Yeah…
Princess Cecily: And I know just where to get one!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: scroll to the left of an army of Princesses»

Princess Cecily: Alright, princesses! This is our moment!
Princess Cecily: The dragon has taken out men! (And a few ladies!)
Princess Cecily: She's held them captive. She's twisted their minds!
Princess Cecily: And now, we're gonna take them back!

«Princesses cheer»

Princess: YEAH!
Princess: HUZZAH!
Princess: RIGHT ON!

Princess Cecily: If any of you are too scared… if you don't have what it takes… you'd better leave now!
Princess Cecily: As for the rest of you…
Princess Cecily: WHO'S WITH ME?

Princess: WE ARE!
Princess: WE ARE!
Princess: WE ARE!
Princess: Just a sec, I can't get my armor fastened.

Princess Cecily: I SAID, WHO'S WITH ME?

Princess: WE ARE!
Princess: WE ARE!
Princess: WE ARE!
Princess: OK, I got it! I'm good!

Hero: Well, this is something I never thought I'd see.

Galanoth: I don't know if they're trained. But they might just be angry enough to win!

«Scene fades»

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