1- The Rift in the Sky


«Scene: Full outside view of the castle of the Queen of Monsters»

It had been months since we'd had a direct attack from the Queen of Monsters.

«A rift opens above the castle»

But then something tore open the sky above her castle.

«Scene: The Hero and company see the rift from a faraway cliff»

Brentan: Whoa. What the heck was that?

Hero: I have no idea. But whatever it is…
Hero: …it's got to be bad news for us.

Gravelyn: The last time we saw a "rift," it was bringing in interdimensional reinforcements.
Gravelyn: We can't let that happen again. We've got to find out what's going on.

Victoria: I haven't forgotten how to sneak through a forest unseen. I'll head that way and scout it out.

Brentan: Well, that's definitely no MY forte.
Brentan: I'll get Swordhaven's army ready and head out behind you. We may well need it.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Soldiers defend a town from an attack»

Militia Leader: Keep fighting! Swordhaven must have seen the rift by now!
Militia Leader: We just have to hold out until-

«A figure with dark aura emerges from the shadows of the attackers»

Malgor: Until what?
Malgor: Until they SAVE you?

«Malgor thrusts his weapon into the ground, creating a burst of dark flames»

Malgor: They are WEAK.

«The Militia Leader falls to the ground»

Malgor: They can save NO ONE.

«The shadows lift the Militia Leader into the air»

Malgor: Their cycle of war and death is destined to repeat, again and again, until Lore is nothing but dust.

«The Militia Leader is let down, now controlled by the shadowflame»

Malgor: Fight for my army instead.

«Scene fades»

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