1. Bigger Than Us All


«Scene: Hero, Mirror Drakath, Gravelyn the Good and Archmage Brentan at the Brightshadow fortress»

Mirror Drakath: Are you certain you can pull this off?

Archmage Brentan: I have to. It's the only way to keep our people safe.
Archmage Brentan: My spell will cut off your world's access to ours - to what you call the Mirror Realm.
Archmage Brentan: Once it's complete, anyone who isn't from this realm will be ejected back to their own world.
Archmage Brentan: It won't last forever… I estimate that it will erode within a year. But it will keep us safe… for now.

Mirror Drakath: Then it's settled.
Mirror Drakath: Gravelyn's armies will join with mine. We will fend off the invaders while you finish the spell.

Archmage Brentan: IF you actually think we can trust her.

Gravelyn the Good: Joining with Malgor was a mistake. I see that now.
Gravelyn the Good: He gets in your head. He painted this picture of a world without war… without fighting. Serene and beautiful.
Gravelyn the Good: But to achieve it… first we must fight.

«Scene: Close up on Archmage Brentan»

Archmage Brentan: Which makes no freakin' sense.

«Scene: Close up on Gravelyn the Good scraching her head»

Gravelyn the Good: I know! It's so obvious to me now… now that I'm away from his influence.

«Scene: Xing walks in»

Xing: Join the club, lady.

Hero: Xing!!
Archmage Brentan: Xing!!
Gravelyn the Good: Xing!!
Mirror Drakath: Xing!!

«Scene: Close up on Gravelyn, Brentan, Hero and Mirror Drakath»

Archmage Brentan: I wouldn't say this under literally ANY other circumstances, but… *sigh*
Archmage Brentan: Back the heck off, lady! You'll take a fireball to the face before I let you near him!

Xing: Hey! Cool your jets! I'm here to help, too.

«Scene: Xing, Gravelyn, Brentan, Mirror Drakath and Hero in the throne room of Brightshadow»

Hero: Oh, really?

Xing: Yes, really! That last fight… ugh, I'm so embarrassed. I really messed everything up.
Xing: I'm better when I'm with Xang. I… I need her. She balances me.
Xing: …<Hero>, I just want to go home.

Hero: Then go. No one's stopping you.

Xing: I can't! Xang and Drakath will never trust me now.
Xing: I have to prove I'm back on their side.

Hero: So you want to fight with us.

Xing: Exactly. Listen, you guys kicked our butts pretty good last time.
Xing: And now, Malgor doesn't trust anyone else to handle this for him. He's coming here himself.
Xing: He's going to be focusing everything on the Mirror Realm.

Hero: Then we're going to have to fight back just as hard to stop him.

Gravelyn the Good: I told you it would be like this.
Gravelyn the Good: He will never give up until he has what he's come for. The Amulet of Order.

Archmage Brentan: And once he has it, that will only make him harder to defeat.

Gravelyn the Good: I know!
Gravelyn the Good: … I know. That's why I'm here to help.

Mirror Drakath: I will need to be at my FULL power if we're to have a chance at victory.
Mirror Drakath: Which means… I need my Lords of Order back.

Hero: But most of them were killed when the Lords of Chaos were defeated…
Hero: Can we do that?

Mirror Drakath: YOU can.

Hero: Me??

Mirror Drakath: Yes, you… dragon.
Mirror Drakath: You'll pluck them out of the past. Bring them here to help us fight.

«Scene: Hero scratching their head»

Hero: I don't know if I can. I lost most of my power after the Chaos War.

Xing: Yeah, but you've been working on getting it back.

«Scene: Everyone looks at Xing»

Xing: What? I keep up with gossip!

«Scene: Mirror Drakath looks at Hero»

Mirror Drakath: Brentan will help you.
Mirror Drakath: This is bigger than any of us. We ALL have to work together to protect our realm.

«Scene fades»

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